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Call of Duty WW2

The #1 Clan CAG: Combat Applications Group is recruiting For BF4


CAG: Combat Applications Group Recruiting for BF4

CAG: Combat Applications Group the #1 Clan on XBOX is now recruiting for BF4. The BF4 Beta is now underway and all fans of the Battlefield series who are looking for a well established clan are invited to join in time for the release of Battlefield 4 which is set to hit store shelves on November 24th, 2013.

The CAG Clan is currently playing the BF4 Beta and accepting applications for the XBOX 360. International BF4 players are strongly encouraged to submit an application to join as well.

CAG is also recruiting for BF4 on the PC for the first time. PC gamers of the Battlefield series are strongly encouraged to apply to join the #1 Clan.

Once the XBOX One comes out, CAG will also be recruiting for BF4 on the XBOX One and also for the PS4.

All gamers who are interested in joining CAG on BF4 should contact Battalion Commander CAG twofkbrotal after submitting their applications !

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