Call of Duty WW2
Call of Duty WW2

Recruiting For Titanfall

CAG: Combat Applications Group is the #1 Clan is recruiting for Titanfall

CAG (Combat Applications Group) is now recruiting for Titanfall both on the XBOX 360 and XBOX One consoles.

Prepare for Titanfall

Titanfall Pilot and TitanCrafted by one of the co-creators of Call of Duty and other key developers behind the Call of Duty franchise, Titanfall is among the most highly anticipated games of 2014, having been shrouded in mystery for nearly three years. The visionaries at Respawn have drawn inspiration from their proven experience in first-person action gaming, and are building on that pedigree by taking a new approach to game design and creating an all-new universe with Titanfall.

Fast-Paced Advanced Combat

The advanced combat techniques of Titanfall give you the freedom to fight your way as both elite assault Pilot and fast, heavily armored Titan.

"The Titan moves with speed and grace normally reserved for general infantry and handles like an extension of the Pilot himself, holding a weapon in a first-person view." - Game Informer

The Future of Online Multiplayer

Introducing the experience that combines fast-paced multiplayer action with the dramatically charged moments of a cinematic universe.

"A next-generation competitive multiplayer title that blurs the lines between traditional online shooters and single-player campaign." - Game Informer

A brave new vision of the future of multiplayer games. - Game Informer



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