Call of Duty WW2
Call of Duty WW2

Unit structure

CAG is one of the most organized and well structured Clans in existence available today for video gamers. The high standards that the Clan requires to become a Member has proven to be a challenge for many. Because of these high standards, many find it hard to agree with this structure and the way it works. CAG is not for everyone and in order to remain a Member,  Rank and Unit Structure must be followed by all. The Chain of Command above all is crucial for the Clan to operate smoothly.

One particular feature of CAG is the many different types of Units in the Clan. To maintain organization and discipline in the Clan, CAG has Units as small as fire and maneuver teams and as big as Divisions.

In the following segments, I will in detail give thorough descriptions of all Units available in CAG. So make sure to read carefully to understand what each Unit does and who is in charge of it.


Maneuver and FireTeams


Maneuver and Fire-teams are 2-4 Member Units and are lead by Lance Corporals, Corporals or Sergeants and are the most aggressive Units available in CAG. They are Expert Assaultmen who are not known to "Camp" but to Assault and destroy the enemy by any means necessary. If the situation requires it, this Unit is prepared to operate in a tactful manner


Squads are led by Corporals, Sergeants and Staff Sergeants. They are tactful first and foremost. While capable of being aggressive like Maneuver and Fire-Teams, Squads will set up perimeters and defend a specific area.

Squads in CAG include 3 FireTeams each with 4-16 Members per Squad. Each Squad will have 1 Squad Leader with 3 FireTeam Leaders under his command.

Any unit in CAG with more than 4 Members will be classified as a Squad and must have the proper personal assigned by the Platoon Commander.


Patrols fall under the same category as Squads. Certain games will have the option to do online campaigns and Patrols are only then used by CAG.


Platoons are lead by Platoon Commanders who must be of 1st, 2nd Lieutenant or Chief Warrant Officer Ranks.

Platoons in CAG consist of more than 12 Members and include every weapons class available in CAG. CAG currently has 1 active Platoon. The following personal is needed  for a complete Platoon:

  1. Platoon Commander
  2. Platoon Sergeant (Corporal, Sergeant or Staff Sergeant)
  3. 2 Squad Leaders
  4. 6 FireTeam Leaders


Companies are Lead by Company Commanders who must be of Chief Warrant Officer, 1st Lieutenant or Captain Rank.

A Company in CAG is typically used to differentiate each game being played by Members of CAG and has more than 25 Members.

Currently the only active Company in CAG is K "Killer" Company on XBOX 360.