Call of Duty WW2
Call of Duty WW2

Recruiting For Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Remastered

CAG is recruiting for COD MW4 Remastered
The #1 COD Clan CAG "Combat Applications Group" is now recruiting for COD: Modern Warfare 4 Remastered and anyone interested in joining should register on CAG's website by clicking here and submit a clan application by clicking here. CAG is very excited to kick ass old school style "BOOTS ON THE GROUND" once again on the best game of the COD Series Modern Warfare 4.

Nine years ago CAG slowly moved towards and opened it's arms to a new 1st person shooter only 8 months after Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 was released. CAG was used to the 3rd person shooters like SOCOM: Navy Seals, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six so playing from a 1st person's perspective was something new and would take time for many to adjust to.

Crossfire Map MW4Modern Warfare 4 was not welcomed by most of CAG's founding members due to the fast pace gameplay and it's arcade feel, nevertheless CAG made every effort to adjust to the new generation of gaming, the fast paced, aggressive play style that COD Modern Warfare 4 was introducing to multiplayer gaming.

Now CAG continues to support 1st person shooters and the COD series and anxiously awaits the release of the COD series best game ever Modern Warfare 4. Recruiting for Modern Warfare 4 will be in full swing once it hits store shelves and CAG expects to see old school "boots on the ground" players to flood CAG's website and submit applications to join the #1 COD clan for both the XBOX One and Playstation 4 Divisions.

CAG benefited a lot when Modern Warfare 4 first came out and it's members count surpassed what was expected. The total count of clan members on Modern Warfare 4 alone was over 100 and CAG expects for the same to happen the second time around.

If you are an old school "boots on the ground" gamer and you are looking for a clan that is going to dominate other clans and pub stomp the shit out of other teams, do not waste any time and register on and submit your application. CAG promises to dominate once again and show the new generation why it was the #1 clan back then and why it still the #1 clan now.

CAG is recruiting for COD 4 RemasteredIt has been confirmed that 10 of the most favorite maps will be available at launch like Downpour, District, Crossfire and Ambush for clans to battle it out on multiplayer.

COD mw4 district mapCAG was notorious for setting up and dominating clans on these maps and will do so again with the help of new recruits and members.

Recruits that are interested in joining a clan that plays together in an organized manner otherwise know as "CAMPING" should strongly consider joining CAG.

Most clans hate CAG for their camping style and call them "CAMPERS", but CAG prides itself for their organized playing style which has proven again and again to be the best way to play games like MW4 and experience the game as realistic as possible.

CAG is not for everyone and only serious gamers who are looking for a real clan should apply to join. The requirements are not impossible to meet, you only need to be active, have a headset and be able to do call outs during games. You must also represent CAG in the most professional manner and respect "ALL" gamers you come across online.

Now is that too hard for you?