Call of Duty WW2
Call of Duty WW2

Code of Conduct

A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices for an individual or organization. Related concepts include ethical codes and honor codes. CAG has such a CoC that must be practiced by all members. CAG is a Friendly Gaming Community and we do have Children who are part of the Clan. We have many different backgrounds who are part of CAG as well. We "WILL NOT" tolerate offensive behavior from anyone. Racial and gay insults are serious offenses and will get you removed from the Clan without explanation. Please read the following as it is our Code of Conduct.

Code of the CAG "Doggs" Clan

  1. As a member of CAG, you have agreed and sworn to remain completely loyal to all your CAG Brothers when you applied to join us. Once you received confirmation on becoming an official "CAG Dogg", you agree to never remove the CAG Tag once awarded to you unless instructed to do so.
  2. You agree to never display offensive, or insulting content in your profile, examples of such content include but are not limited to, Swastikas, references of racial discrimination, Homosexuality jokes in the forums purposely made to insult someones sexual orientation. These actions will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate removal from the Clan.
  3. If caught without the CAG Tag or displaying one other than CAG, you will be immediately removed from the Clan
  4. Treat the CAG Clan Tag with respect, when creating threads or posting comments use capital letters when using the clan tag in a comment or reply, this means "DON'T USE" (cag, Cag, CaG, CAg) or any other forms of the CAG acronym besides "C A G ". Disrespect of the CAG tag will result in an infraction the first time, 2nd time is a demotion, 3rd time removal from the clan!
  5. Your obligations as a member of CAG are to always conduct yourself in a professional manner during any game. You are representing CAG whether with the Clan or by yourself, never dishonor your Brothers by displaying unprofessional and or unsportsmanlike behavior.
  6. Never criticize or question your Superiors. If you have issues regarding any CAG Dogg, make proper use of the Chain of Command.
  7. You agree to always try to attend all Clan events which include but are not limited to, practices, training sessions, weapon qualifications, website interaction using the forums and invites to games by other Doggs.
  8. You agree to always play together with your Brothers, if you are in a current match with friends or family, you must reply "asap" to avoid a demerit point for a no show or no response.

Code of Conduct I

  1. I am a CAG Dogg fighting in the CAG Doggs Clan and I am ready to fight when called upon by Brothers in their defense.
  2. All CAG Doggs have the duty at all times to defend the Honor and Prestige of CAG.

Code of Conduct II

  1. I will never give up or quit even when I am in an unfavorable situation. If in Command, I will never give up or show signs of quitting to my Unit while they still have the means to pull of a victory. "Always faithful till the end"!
  2. While in a match, I will never quit and leave the game and my Brothers behind outnumbered by the enemy. If I must leave do to an emergency, I will give a reason for doing so as soon as possible not to exceed more than 1 day after doing so.

Code of Conduct III

  1. If I am the last man standing in a match, I will never give up, but instead continue fighting till the end. Defeat without a fight is not an option.
  2. I promise to never disrespect another Clan or its members because of a loss to my Clan. I will instead show respect and congratulate the opposing Team regardless of the results.
  3. In the event we are disrespected by another Clan or Team, I promise to keep my composure and keep my Brothers composed as well.

Code of Conduct IV

  1. I will never forget that I am a CAG Dogg, fighting for my Brothers, my Clan, responsible for my actions and dedicated to the principles to which CAG holds me to.
  2. A member of CAG remains responsible for personal actions at all times.
  3. A member of CAG has sworn to always be faithfull and loyal to his Brothers. In the event I am invited to join another Clan, my response will be a quick one with the response of " I am a CAG Dogg, always faithful, till the end".