Call of Duty WW2
Call of Duty WW2

MOS-Billet Badges

8003-Leaders and Co-LeadersBrigadier General to 6 Star GeneralLeaders of the Clan
0302-Infantry Officer2nd Lieutenant to ColonelWebsite and Forum Moderators

0369 -Unit Leader

Lance Corporal to 2nd Lieutenant
Take Command of Team during matches
8411-RecruiterCorporal to Master Gunnery SergeantIs always looking for potential recruits and new members for the Clan. Must be able to communicate very well and have a thorough understanding of the website and forums.

0317-Team Scout Sniper

Corporal to General

1st voice of Communication. Recon and long range precision fire while staying concealed, calls out all enemies, expert MAV "pilot"

Designated Marksman (DM)
Corporal to General2nd voice of Communication. Long range precision fire, call out all enemies to Team
Squad LeaderCorporal to
Leader of full Squad of 6 members during games
5811-CAG MPPrivate to Master Gunnery SergeantWill maintain good order and discipline, and support the Clan's TOS, COC Chain of Command
5803 - CAG MP
2nd Lieutenant to
Lieutenant Colonel
Commands the MP Units

8154-CQB Team Member

Lance Corporal to Staff SergeantClose Quarter Battle Team Member has complete freedom to run around during team deathmatch games unless told otherwise


Lance Corporal to Sergeant
Must always be equipped with some type of air to ground launcher

0331-Automatic Rifleman

Lance Corporal to SergeantAutomatic Rifleman for medium range fire


Lance Corporal to SergeantExpert Rifleman in close quarters, long range who may be allowed to run freely in team deathmatch games
0120-Administrative ClerkPrivate to
Server as scribes during meetings and post notes on the forums


Private to CorporalPointmen who must prevent enemy advancement at all costs