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Call of Duty WW2
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COD WW2 "Worst COD Game Ever" ?

CAG is recruiting for COD WW2
It's been a little over 3 months since COD WW2 was released and feelings about it are mixed. From conversations between gamers in forums all over the internet to player reviews on youtube and players talking about the game as they play it online everyone has their own take on the game.

Most gamers were very excited and couldn't wait for the game to come to their favorite console and others were very skeptical about it . Lets admit it, the COD series has turned into a game that mostly snotty nosed kids play. Teenagers who at times seem to be more immature than some pre-teens and 20 and 30 year olds who still live with their parents also have infested online gaming. Most of these players have one thing in common besides immaturity and that is the ineptitude of the game developers to make games that promote teamwork.

Before the COD series became popular online, multiplayer was ruled by two other series by the name of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. Both of these games were tactical shooters, with the Rainbow Six series being a counter terrorism shooter that relied mostly on stealth and tactics to accomplish an objective. The Ghost Recon series was a military shooter that also relied on tactics but was more large scaled and allowed more players to play together online against each other on bigger maps.

The COD series has failed to offer large scaled gameplay like Ghost Recon and Battlefield, only allowing a maximum of 6 vs 6 in team deathmatch and most objective game modes.

Activision has allowed developers to continue releasing unfinished games that are later "patched up" after weeks even months of the players complaining about the game to completely breaking it to the point that they can no longer play it or can't wait for the next series to come out.

The last few games have forced players to spend "real" money to unlock weapons, weapon camos and uniforms which are referred to as "Micro Transactions". Those who choose to take the easy way to unlock weapons end up making those who don't not want to play the game anymore.

Cheaters are to be reported and are warned if they are caught cheating they will be banned from online gameplay, yet evidence of cheating is provided by hundreds of players who catch the cheaters and upload videos of it on youtube and nothing is done.

The COD Series is not for players/gamers who want to play with other players/gamers that are looking for team work or a tactical shooter's experience. COD MW2 and COD Black Ops were the last two games of the series that came close to offering team work and some tactical skills required to play the game. Players have continued to ask for the games to be remastered so that they can be played on XBOX 1 and PS4, yet they are not and seem to not even be considered to be remastered for next gen consoles.

Yes COD WW2 has made over $1 Billion in sales but it was mostly due to players wanting a game that went back to "BOOTS ON THE GROUND" gameplay and are now feeling more let down than ever. The reviews don't lie and only those that glorify the game seem to make it to the eyes of players who are looking to see what everyone else has to say about the game.

Big name websites hire writers that will only criticize the series just enough to not seem biased and to hide the fact that those writers and the publishers get a share of the wealth and or games for free. Without the marketing of big name websites and prime time tv or cable tv advertisements sales wouldn't be as high. Publishers use big name celebrities to appear in their tv advertisements and mislead gamers with false gameplay that is displayed using cinematic cut scenes, nevertheless sales reached over 20.7 million copies sold.

Sales numbers can be misleading, parents are asked by their kids for the next COD game for Christmas and of course they get it. Parents don't know any better, they want to please their kids and make their Christmas the best one yet.

In the coming month the new DLC "The Resistance" will be released adding new maps for gamers to once again get drawn into playing the game. The only way to get the new maps is if a season pass is bought or the game was bought with a season pass included with cost an extra $40 or more and $49.99 through Microsfot store online.

Why should Activision push and demand for a great game if they make billions each year for a game that is half finished or the expectations for it are only set high enough to fool players that the next game offers features and bonuses that were included in games on old gen consoles. Games on the original XBOX and Playstation had more features and better gameplay than current games offer.

Plain and simple you guys, the COD Series will never again deliver a great game in terms of replayability. The story modes can be completeled in less than a day and online play is horrible. COD is targeted at young kids whos parents will buy them the game as soon as it comes out. The casual gamer who wants a game which they can just pick up and play will continue to buy every new COD game not for its great gameplay or for it's close to real life experience as past games, but because the game is simply over glorified by the media.

I am sure to get some backlash for this article but I am only writing this because I keep reading about players, gamers ex gamers who have been turned off by the COD series. It is no longer a fun game to play with a group of friends unless they are a bunch of drunk and stoned group of idiots who have never met each other but online. The game has gotten to the point that people have been killed over this game because online fights happen during every single game.

No I am not saying the game is dangerous, but I am saying that the game is no longer enjoyable. As a gamer who has played every type of game mostly shooters since the 80's, I have been let down to the point that I don't look forward to playing online like I used to.

At 43 years old I have suddenly realized the negative effect that gaming can have on someone. I am the Leader and Co-Founder of CAG and for differences about how a game should be played, how a clan should be ran and if COD is a good game to promote and support many players, members have left. Yes I have been at fault and a huge reason why CAG only has a few loyal members, but the COD series no longer promotes teamwork.

Only time will tell what impact the COD series has on gamers, players, clans and other games as well. But one thing is for sure, regardless of whether the next COD game is actually a good game or not Activision will continue to make millions off of everyone who is stupid enough to continue to buy the game.

Call of Duty: WW2 Clan, Recruiting For XBOX One

COD WW2 Clan Recruiting

We are an XBOX ONE COD WW2 Clan that is currently recruiting not only players who are tactical but Run N Gunners as well. Recruiting for COD WW2 is in full effect all over the world and if you are tired of getting shot from behind and you like to hold down an area of a map CAG is the clan for YOU!

CAG is also recruiting Run N Gunners who can take over a game at any time. With the wide open maps that are in COD WW2, it is crucial to be able to adapt to any plays style or situation that arises during a game by the other team. In recent years COD has really emphasized high paced gameplay almost completely doing away with the slow paced tactical playing that the older generation is used to from shooters.

COD WW2 still allows for well organized and disciplined clans to hold down almost any area of every map in the game, but the low height of structures in some maps makes it difficult to do so because players can easily throw grenades and other explosives over them. Some maps allow for medium to long distance firefights just as long as there are at least two teammates who can handle high paced action in close quarters and in the wide open.

Snipping in some of these maps is just a thing of beauty, really allowing you to get deeply immersed in high intensive firefights. Close Quarters Combat is also very intense and when you are part of a clan who always has a strategy and the right tactics, you can easily dominate the other team withing minutes.

CAG has used defensive strategies that force the other team to think they can attack but instead run into an ambush while simultaneously are attacked from behind, two tactics known as "Hedgehog defense" and "Hammer and Anvil" respectively.

If you like to kick serious ass in public lobbies against randoms or against other clans join CAG. We have proven ourselves over and over and consider ourselves one of the best if not THE best clan around. We have the right people to lead you during games and we are looking for the right people to help us do so as well. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES ?

Recruiting For Call of Duty: WW2

CAG is recruiting for COD WW2
CAG (Combat Applications Group) the #1 clan on XBOX 1 is starting their recruitment campaign for the upcoming COD tittle WW II on XBOX One.

COD is going back to boots on the ground gameplay and CAG is very excited about COD WW II because of this. The last 3 COD tittles have been a disappointment not only for CAG but for gamers worldwide.

No more jetpack and wall running, no more "ENERGY RIFLES" that seem to freeze you and kill you even though you unloaded a full clip on your enemy. No more frustrating perks and killstreaks that made teamplay irrelevant because individual players just wanted to get 30 kills or more in a game just to proclaim themselves a "BEAST".

COD WW II should once again bring back the glory days of teamplay, belonging to a clan and good ole' "HEAVY METAL" firefights in the trenches ! Clans will once again look appealing to gamers who loved and remember COD before the jetpack era.

The #1 XBOX 1 ClanOne of the main reasons for CAG's success in recruiting is the proven clan structure it has in place. Recruits are given many opportunities from the minute they submit their application to join.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 were major disappointments due to the direction Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch decided to go in by making both games more futuristic than "boots on the ground" which was the main reason Call of Duty took over and dethroned previous shooters like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and SOCOM: Navy Seals.

Many clans as well as CAG saw a decline in member retention due to the futuristic setting of both Advance Warfare and Black Ops 3 which made it difficult to play as a clan due to the high paced action. Most clans play in a very organized manner which includes setting up and waiting for the enemy to come to them instead of running around as lonewolves.

Call of Duty: WW II is expected to be easier to recruit for that the last few COD tittles and CAG looks forward to the challenge of getting some of the best gamers out there to join them. has been visited : 2115080

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